Access and Surveillance

Provide locations for parking that minimize walking distance between dwelling units and cars and that allow for casual surveillance of cars from a number of different units. Avoid remote parking. Avoid large lots. Consider breaking them into multiple, smaller lots to enhance safety and accessibility and minimize the aesthetic impact of large, unbroken rows of cars. Locate handicapped and elderly parking with immediate access to their respective units. Locate visitor drop-off and parking near main entrances and clearly mark all visitor parking spaces. Provide pleasant areas to wait for rides or public transportation.

Images and Captions:

The geometry of this site plan helps break what would otherwise be a large street/parking lot into a series of smaller areas. Access and surveillance are easy and the overall impact of the parking is reduced. 
(Nuevo Amanecer Apartments)

Parking (highlighted in red) for this 8-building, 36-unit complex has been broken into three modest-sized lots placed at the ends and in the middle of the site. Surveillance is possible from all buildings and walking distances to individual units are minimal. 
(Tuscany Villas/Villa Calabria)

Parking (highlighted in drawing) for this 35-unit project is dispersed into four modest lots, reducing its overall impact. Access to all dwelling units is direct and distances are minimal. Surveillance of parked cars is possible from virtually all units. 

Parking for this 28-unit flat and townhouse project has been broken into two small lots, supplemented by on-street parking. Accessible parking (highlighted) has been located near to accessible units (also highlighted). The project allows direct surveillance of and easy access to all parked cars. 
(The Reservoir)

Parking for this 75-unit flat and townhouse project is divided into four moderate-sized lots. Each lot serves one of the four building clusters that make up the project, minimizing the distance from the parking to individual units. A grass playground separating the four lots further diminishes their impact on the overall site. 
(Waterside Green)