Landscaping can make or break a development.

Landscaping - too often treated as a secondary consideration or eliminated altogether due to cost constraints - is, in fact, a critical component of any successful development project and should be considered an essential part of the design process. A rich variety of plantings should be provided and they should be selected so that they are appropriate for their intended usePaved areas are necessary and should be designed as part of the landscape. Edges between paved and planted areas should be designed so the two realms work well individually and together. Paths and outdoor seating should fit the overall landscape plan and take into account how and when residents will use them. As always, the more storage - in this case for landscape maintenance equipment and materials - the better.

Landscaping can make or break a project. Done well, it complements and enhances a development and its neighborhood. Done poorly - or not at all - and the quality of a development is diminished, no matter how well the buildings are designed.