Paved Areas

Recognize that some paved area will be necessary in family housing to facilitate children's play. However, large, empty paved areas should be avoided. Consider using alternative landscape approaches - plantings, play equipment, outdoor furniture, trees and grass - to break these areas up into smaller functional units.

The sand play area in this courtyard-over-garage breaks up what would otherwise be a continuous paved area. 
(YWCA Villa Nueva)

A variety of different types and sizes of paved areas are provided in this Los Angeles courtyard. Note how the bench is placed on the paving for ease of maintenance, but faces the grass to allow supervision of play. 
(Willowbrook Green Apartments)

Paved areas are continuously interrupted and broken up in this large San Francisco courtyard, creating a variety of unique "places" to sit, walk through or play. 
(210 Turk and 111 Jones)