Building Height

Try to relate the overall height of the new structure to that of adjacent structures and those of the immediate neighborhood. Avoid new construction that varies greatly in height from other buildings in the area, except where the local plan calls for redeveloping the whole area at much greater height and density. To the extent feasible, relate individual floor-to-floor heights to those of neighboring buildings. In particular, consider how the first floor level relates to the street and whether this is consistent with the first floors in neighboring buildings.

The overall height and the heights of each floor in this San Francisco apartment building relate directly to those of its neighbors. 
(555 Ellis Street)

The first and second floor heights of this Detroit fourplex relate directly to those of its neighbor, creating a strong visual connection even though the roof heights are not the same. 
(Field Street)

Pitched roofs on these two story units in Chicago raise their overall height and help them relate strongly to their slightly taller neighbors. 
(West Town II)

The overall height - and the individual floor heights - of this Boston development closely match those of its neighbor across the street. 
(Tent City)