Building Scale and Massing

Relate the size and bulk of the new structure to the prevalent scale in other buildings in the immediate neighborhood.

The size and bulk of this San Francisco complex relate strongly to the large-scale buildings in the surrounding urban neighborhood. 
(201 Turk and 111 Jones)

The scale of this Detroit fourplex relates strongly to the large single family homes that are its immediate neighbors. 
(Field Street)

Rather than relate to the predominantly high rise style in its immediate neighborhood, this Stamford, Connecticut rental housing modeled its scale and character to the middle-class single-family housing found in nearby Stamford neighborhoods. 
(Parkside Gables)

The overall bulk of this Boston development is very similar to that of both its neighbor across the street and to that of other buildings in the immediate area. 
(Tent City)

The scale and size of this Chattanooga home was deliberately modeled on the "Tennessee bungalows" common in the area. 
(Orchard Village and Oak Hill)