Support and Service Areas

Carefully consider the design and location of key support/service areas such as the manager's office, maintenance rooms, janitor's facilities, mechanical equipment rooms and trash collection areas. Provide adequate space, furniture and storage for each of these uses, together with access to bathrooms and kitchens as appropriate. The manager's office should supervise the main entrance and should be located centrally, next to community and maintenance rooms. Provide screened trash collection areas that are convenient and easy to access from all of the units. Consider the path of travel of trash from source to removal area.

Images and Captions:

The manager's office in this San Francisco apartment building (highlighted) is located near the front entrance; is close to the elevators; has access to nearby toilet facilities (also highlighted); is adjacent to one common room and is within easy walking distance of the other (also highlighted). 
(555 Ellis Street)

The manager's office in this Seattle development (highlighted in yellow) oversees the main entrance from the courtyard, has its own toilet area, is located adjacent to the laundry area (also highlighted in yellow) and is within a few steps of the elevators for the complex. 
(Cascade Court Apartments)

At these Minnesota homes there is a mid-block alley where garages and areas for trash collection have been placed. The result is a strong, consistent street front, uninterrupted by driveways. 
(Lyton Park Place)

Manager's offices in this large, dual-entry complex (highlighted) are located near the entrances, across from or adjacent to community/multi-use rooms, and within an easy walk of elevators, maintenance rooms and toilet facilities. 
(201 Turk and 111 Jones)